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Virus and Spyware Removal in Orange County

We come out to you and do the troubleshooting and assessment of time involved. If it will take more than an hour, we will bring your computer back to the shop and do the repair in our shop at a reduced rate, saving you money! If your computer is running slowly or you suspect you have a virus or spyware and malware, bring your machine in and we troubleshoot it to determine the issue. Most in shop diagnostics we offer are FREE. We take a look at look at it and provide you with a quote of repair. We specialize in and have experience in removing tough viruses and ensure you won’t lose your data.

“Does my computer have a virus?”

If you find that you have been asking yourself this question lately, you might already know the answer. When a laptop or computer has a virus, it’s almost always obvious. If your computer has a virus it is crucial to your data that you bring it in for troubleshooting immediately. The longer you wait for your computer to be fixed, the more damaging the problem can get. If you are unsure, there are several warning signs or symptoms of malware that can tell you if your device has a virus.

Warning signs your computer might have a virus:

  • Your computer is very slow, or slower than normal
  • Several Ads or popups are displayed sporadically
  • You have experienced several “crashes”
  • The internet traffic increases suspiciously
  • You are receiving unusual messages
  • You are the sender of spam messages
  • You receive several unusual error messages
  • You cannot access your Control Panel

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