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Power Connector Services

  Power jacks are the most frequently
broken component on all notebooks and laptops.  Someone trips over the cord
and it gets yanked out, it gets used on
a bed while plugged into power so over
time the power connector is pushed
upwards causing the connection inside to damage the parts, or even a fall will smash the power connector into the power jack snapping it off it's spot on the circuit board. They can be expensive to replace as it requires a whole new motherboard in some cases. The average cost is $200.00 for a new motherboard and above.

   We offer a Power jack repair service that is effective and less costly. We charge a flat rate of $139.00 (that's labor included!) to get your system back up and working with minimal downtime.

   Regrettably in some cases however, when a notebook has been dropped or more seriously damaged in some other way, this may not work and a full motherboard replacement will be required. In those cases if you do not want to go with the replacement we will only charge a $39.00 diagnostic fee but this usually can be applied to any additional services you might require.