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We carry a variety of computers for any need you might have from basic  computer systems, to ultra powerful gaming machines. Most items we have in stock but we can also custom order machines for you as well.

We also sell refurbished computers that we have cleaned up and reinstalled to our standards.

Here at the Computer Guys we sell Dell computers, notebooks and servers. We believe Dell computers have lived up to it's reputation as well made systems.

We have most of all the computers we sell in stock so there is no waiting for the system to be shipped to you. Which also means no additional shipping and handling fees to pay for either.*

We warranty all Dell computers sold by us.
  • So that means you do not have to call Tech Support and spend an average of 2 hours on the phone trying to resolve most basic issues, well take care of that for you.
  • If there is a problem with hardware, we can usually replace it within a day or two instead of you having to wait for the part to be shipped to your address for you to install.
  • You also bring your notebooks back to us to have them worked on, opposed to shipping them back to the manufacturer.

*There may be additional fees for custom orders.